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Consulting Services

In addition to coming on productions as an E.P., writer, producer or director, I'm available to support your storytelling journey in any number of ways. I offer hourly or consulting packages, seminars and speaking opportunities on several topics. Please reach out for a custom quote.

"Julie Speer Jackson is an engaging, energetic and knowledgeable speaker. I am so grateful she was able to share her expertise and experience on fundraising with our documentary filmmaker group - I feel freshly motivated to try new avenues of funding thanks to her presentation." - Jenna

"Julie's dynamic presentation is an excellent A-Z of all things documentary engagement!" - Suree

"Just took your seminar. I loved it." - Matthew

"All of the info about the Doc-U-Reach strategy was super helpful to learn and your decades knowledge and experience make you a great teacher. Having open discussions throughout class based on participants' questions was great further understanding too. I hope you do more of this!" - Micah

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