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Gear Up!

Romantic Comedy TV Series

A sporting goods heiress falls for a rough and tumble sales rep & outdoor adventurer after her father threatens to disinherit her.

Black Baron

Historical Drama TV Series

A tenacious entrepreneur becomes a self-made millionaire in the wild west.

Upcoming TV series Black Baron

White Prairie

Historical Drama Feature Film

A deadly blizzard tests a timid teenager and her classmates trapped inside a wrecked school bus in 1931. ​


The screenplay is based on the true story of my Great Aunt Clara and her classmates. Watch the PBS documentary I created on this horrific event.


Romantic Comedy Feature Film

An allergy prone workaholic journalist falls for a rural rancher when she takes a remote assignment to save her job.

Dave & Margie Hill / Kleerup, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons-off_Parade,_2010_at_1050_17th_St.jpg


Revisiting the Sand Creek Massacre

Julie Jackson with members of the History Colorado Sand Creek Commission

Working with the History Colorado Center Staff and the Sand Creek Massacre Site Commissioners, jSPiNC and Truce Media are revisiting the Massacre with representatives from the 4 Tribes whose lives were forever altered.

Honoring, healing and working together for the future, this documentary will be a featured part of the History Colorado exhibit opening in November 2022 as well as film festivals in 2023.